I in person extend you a very warm welcome in joining this college structuring your career in Unani System of Medicine. It shall be our endeavour to encourage our students to participate and to involve besides training and education in Unani Medical Science, in social, cultural activities just  to enable them to stay about with the global demand of a complete human being.  We are conscious of the changing needs of society, hence, we shall emphasize on imparting education  training to the students beyond the prescribed syllabus to make them responsible and disciplined citizen to serve the society. The curriculum will be flexible enough to keep pace with the  changes that take place from time to time in the field of Unani Medical Science.

The B.U.M.S graduate from SUMCHRC will be a doctor with quality knowledge skills and understanding to full fill his/ her responsibilities towards the patients and the society at large.

We work and live as a family and hope that your stay with us will be comfortable, fruitfull and memorable.

Dr. S. M. Amjad Ali


It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge and welcome  our cadidates with the blessings of Dr. S. M. Amjad Ali. The foundation of this institute is the  outcome of  hardwork, honesty, pious genuine will and broad vision. To serve  with these objectives, we  begin our new chapter of providing and promoting education to the needfull and deserving. We offer facilities which are parallel to none in the form of state of art  laboratory facilities, ultrasonography, modern opeartive facilities, radiological facilities and many more.

I urge the community to make use of these facilities. We intend to develop multifold in the coming years and hopefully set an example of paramount excellence in the near future.


Dr. Md . Zeya (Laproscopic surgeon) 

Managing Director.


Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” (Hippocrates)

Dear students,

It is indeed a great honour for me to be the Principle of Sufia Unani Medical College and Hospital. The college has the privilege of having a healthy, harmonious ambience and rich values which have played pivotal role in shaping the future of our students.

In this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with appropriate knowledge and values which lead a holistic development. We have purpose-built campus, highly qualified teachers and more than adequate facilities for training the students. We emphasize on hands training in clinical skills for which we have established a full fledge and fully equipped standard hospital.

Our mission is to produce competent Unani Physicians who can handle all sorts of cases medical as well as surgical based on their extensive knowledge of Unani System of Medicine with modern advances wherever necessary. Highly qualified teachers are in position to teach and train students. We keep the students abreast with latest development in clinical and basic medical science through workshops, seminars and conferences arranged by college.

Ambition and definite goals are necessary to be successful in life. Discipline and hard work is the key to success. Be punctual in your classes and focus on your targets. Your concerned efforts with the able guidance of your teachers would definitely provide you a blissful and successful life.

I whole hearted wish each and every one in medical profession a fruitful life. We pledge that we collectively work together to fulfil the duties of health care professional with social outlook. Sufia Unani Medical College & Hospital is committed to serve  the humanity through Unani Medical Education and patient care.

We rededicate ourselves to sincerely and continued untiring efforts to maintain the great tradition of Unani Medical Education and welcome all who become the Unani  Physicians of tomorrow in an environment conductive to greater achievements that is created by our facilities.

With blessings and warm wishes:

Suhail Sir                                         
Principal & MS